Safawi Dates

Safawi dates are soft and moist dates with a black color and a long cylindrical shape. These types of dates are mostly cultivated in Medina, Saudi Arabia, and are found to be both soft and semi-dry. Safawi dates are very sweet and rich in vitamins and are also very suitable for filling with nuts. The size of Safawi dates is medium and their flesh is soft and easy to chew. Safawi date palm is very fertile and that is why Safawi dates are widely available. Safawi dates have a wrinkled and elongated appearance like Medjool dates, but they have a darker color compared to Medjool dates.

Buy Safawi Dates

You can buy Safawi dates from Kimia Gold Company with excellent quality and benefit from their numerous properties and enjoy their unique taste. You will have a pleasant and satisfying purchase. Kimia Gold Company collects the best, freshest and most popular dates produced in the Middle East and supplies its customers with dates at the most reasonable prices. We guarantee that our customers will receive the freshest Safawi dates. If you have any questions from Kimia Gold Company about Safawi dates wholesale purchase, you can contact our experienced sales experts to assist you in the purchase process.

Safawi Dates Price

Safawi dates are found in various grades and sizes and the price of each grade is different. The best type of Safawi dates has a larger size and is plump. Kimia Gold Company sorts Safawi dates that have just been harvested from groves and offers first-grade Safawi dates to international markets at wholesale prices. We deliver Safawi dates to customers in strong packages. The type of packaging and brand of Safawi dates are also very effective in determining its price. Reputable companies supplying Safawi dates try to offer the best, freshest and highest quality Safawi dates to the domestic and international markets at a reasonable price. By wholesale purchase from Safawi dates suppliers, you can significantly reduce your import costs. Kimia Gold Company is one of the Safawi dates wholesalers that exports the freshest and highest quality Safawi dates and Deglet Noor dates directly to Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries without intermediaries at a reasonable price. To inquire about Safawi dates wholesale price, feel free to contact Kimai Gold Company via WhatsApp or email.

Safawi Dates Exporter

We are one of the best Safawi dates exporters. You can buy Safawi dates from Kimia Gold Company, the best exporter of Safawi dates, at the best wholesale price. Our export team is ready to supply Safawi dates wholesale to all countries of the world and tries to meet the expectations of its customers. Safawi dates are one of the unique and best-selling types of dates and due to their special taste and excellent quality, many countries buy Safawi dates in large quantities. Kimia Gold Company is also one of the most famous and experienced exporters of Safawi dates and exports its products to all countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Persian Gulf countries meeting the required export standards.

Safawi Dates Supplier

We are active in the wholesale supply of Safawi dates and various types of dates, and export various types of organic dates to the countries that import dates in bulk. As a direct supplier of Safawi dates, we supervise the entire process of Safawi dates supply from their planting to their supply to domestic and international markets, and we always try to offer the freshest and highest quality Safawi dates to buyers. By purchasing Safawi dates wholesale from a direct supplier of dates, you can greatly reduce your import costs. Kimia Gold Company is one of Safawi dates wholesale suppliers and directly supplies a variety of dates and date products such as Mabroom dates without intermediaries in various packages to global markets.

Safawi Dates Properties

Safawi dates are rich in fiber, minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and zinc and a variety of vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, folate, thiamine, vitamin A and vitamin K and their consumption is very beneficial for our health. Safawi dates are considered as soft and moist dates and therefore have less sugar than dried dates and diabetics can eat them as an alternative to sugar. It is said that eating Safawi dates on an empty stomach kills stomach worms. Eating a few Safawi dates a day can provide the iron your body needs. If you buy Safawi dates from Golden Palm Company, you can enjoy their health benefits.

Safawi Dates Packaging

Safawi dates packaging in Kimia Gold Company is designed in such a way that it maintains the product quality during storage and transportation. After harvest, Safawi dates are carefully graded and stored in suitable and equipped cold storages. Kimia Gold Company offers Safawi dates in bulk or in different packages. The weight of Safawi dates packages is 450 g to 10 kg and can also be delivered in custom packages in different weights if requested by the customer. For more information on Safawi dates packaging, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or email.

Safawi Dates Packing

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