Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Dates

One of the most famous Iranian dates is Kabkab dates, which has an excellent reputation and popularity among date consumers and a particular position in terms of economy and exports. This date, which is considered an exporting date of Iran, has two types of consumption in the form of Rotab and Kharak. With a high amount of syrup and delicious taste, this date is one of the most popular dates in Iran. This date cultivar is one of the most abundant varieties of dates grown to the highest standards and is desirable, sweet, and delicious.     


Kabkab Dates Price

One of the reasons for the high export of these dates is that Kabkab dates price is very reasonable and because its transport is not difficult, it is highly used for export. The best Kabkab dates wholesale price is determined according to the size and quality of the product. Also, annual production and inflation are essential factors in deciding Kabkab dates price and Kabkab dates wholesale prices. Interestingly, Kabkab dates price in Iran competes with dates such as Mazafati dates due to the export of both types. The best Kabkab dates price during the year is related to the harvest time of this product, Kabkab dates price is at its lowest price, and every year a large number of Kabkab dates importers buy this product. The fresh Kabkab dates wholesale are done directly and without intermediaries by the reliable Kabkab dates wholesale suppliers at an affordable and competitive price.     

Buy Kabkab Dates 

Kabkab dates importers countries are very interested in buying Kabkab dates due to the high quality and reasonable price of this variety. The most consumption market of this date is related to the southern provinces, which is expanding due to the use of appropriate and high-quality packaging. Buying Kabkab dates usually start after September and in October. Before that, in July, Kharak Kabkab and Rotab Kabkab are harvested. To buy Kabkab dates, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company through WhatsApp and email, which is one of the largest Kabkab dates manufacturers, and buy from this active company in the field of Kabkab dates wholesale. 

Kabkab Dates Price

In addition to selling in packages, Kabkab dates wholesale are also possible in this Kabkab dates company. Due to Kabkab dates wholesale and bulk sales of this product, our company can offer good discounts to Kabkab dates importers in large quantities.  


Kabkab Dates Manufacturer

At present, Iran is one of the leading dates manufacturers among the countries of the region. Usually, many southern provinces of Iran produce high amount of dates every year, including Sayer dates, Kabkab dates, etc., in different types and provide them to large and international markets. Many Kabkab dates manufacturers in Iran produce this product and offer it to their customers. Kimia Gold Company is one of these companies that produce Kabkab dates. This company has decades of experience in Kabkab dates production and its products, including date paste and direct supply of Kabkab dates and Zahedi dates. It offers you the best products with the help of its young and experienced specialists. 

Kabkab Dates Supplier

Kabkab Dates Supplier

At present, many commercial companies are considered as exporting Kabkab dates suppliers, which usually produce and supply the best dates with high quality and supply them to foreign markets of neighboring countries. Due to the mass production of Kabkab dates in Iran, many companies in this field supply and export Kabkab dates to the intended countries, including India, Turkey and Russia, with different packaging and weights. Kimia Gold Company, Kabkab dates supplier, mainly offers the best and highest quality of this date directly to customers in many countries at an exceptional and affordable price.    

Kabkab Dates Exporter

In addition to Mazafati dates, Piarom datesShahani dates and the other produced dates in Iran, Kabkab dates are among the best and most desirable types and cultivars in Iran. Kabkab dates are used for domestic purposes and also exported to foreign countries and have high exporting importance. The reason for exporting desirable and high-quality Kabkab dates is to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. The Iranian Kabkab dates are of high importance and have a high exporting value. Kabkab dates are prepared for exporting or distributing in the domestic market. Then they ship to most countries in the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and other Arab countries through the credit  Kabkab dates wholesale centers and agencies in a completely standard, organic and hygienic form in various and elegant packages in different brands. Kimia Gold Company, one of the largest Kabkab dates exporters, exports Iranian Kabkab dates to many countries and European countries. To buy Kabkab dates directly and without intermediaries from the factory, contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company.    


Kabkab Dates Features 

Kabkab dates are usually large and have an oval shape. Their skin is attached to the fruit and is considered a semi-dry or wet date in Iran. The sweetness of this date is not too much, and everyone with any taste likes it. When Kabkab dates are fully ripe, they have a dark brown color. Its color is yellowish in Kharak and Rotab forms. This product can be harvested in Kharak form in early August, but if you want to pick it fully ripe, you must wait until early or mid-September. The weight of each Kabkab date is about 15 grams. Also, having more syrup than other dates, this date has quickly attracted the attention of many people. It should also be noted that the highest amount of date syrup produced in Iran is from this cultivar.

Kabkab Dates Wholesale

Kabkab Dates Benefits

Kabkab dates, like other types of dates, including Rabbi dates, have many benefits. It is interesting to know that eating dates will slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and reduce inflammation of the brain. Kabkab dates are rich in potassium, which lowers blood pressure. Dates have more potassium than other fruits, and by consuming dates daily, you can meet your body’s needs, and its fiber helps digest in your body and absorb nutrients. Kabkab dates can also be used as a snack or make cakes, pies and other date products.  


Kabkab Dates Packaging

Kimia Gold Company is one of the most important companies in the production, packaging and Kabkab dates wholesale in Iran, which operates as per the highest standards of packaging and sale of exporting dates. This company produces the highest quality Iranian Kabkab dates and supplies in international markets. The company is a Kabkab date wholesale supplier and supplies 450 gram, 900 gram, 1.5 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg dates packaging in pressed form and suitable for export to foreign countries such as Pakistan and India, etc. Also, the bulk supply is performed in standard weights of 5 and 10 kg in this Kabkab dates company. Kimia Gold Company is ready to supply and export these dates to different countries by preparing this date and keeping it in suitable cold storage. Also, with more than two decades of production and packaging dates, this Kabkab dates company uses beautiful packaging to store Kabkab dates.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp at any time of the day and be informed of the price of Kabkab dates.

Kabkab dates are exported in 5 and 10 kg quality packages by Kimia Gold Company.

Kimia Gold Company exports dates to all over the world and all countries with no restrictions.

Yes, Kimia Gold Company uses refrigerated containers to maintain the freshness and health of wet and semi-dry dates.

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