Kabkab dates is one of the most famous dates produced in Iran.

Kabkab date is very popular because of its vast range of usage in industrial fields.

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Moisture :  about 20 % ( refer to iranian standard ISIRI )
Description : the fieshy dates with soft texture and also is an economic dates .
Taste :   sweet
Color :   dark brown
Type :   semi-dried
Flavor :   naturally sweet dates without foreign taste
Chemical and artifial additive :  No , ( 100%  Natural , Gluten free , Veg )
SHELF LIFE  / STORAGE CONDITION :  below ( -5°C ) :18 months -24 months

 At room temperature  : 1-3 months (based on humidity condition )



All the dates are selected and indeed have a high quality .



Packing in Bulk : 5 Kg  catron
Consumer packing :  700 Gr, and in different kind of packing per customer request
There is possibility to packed with the customer’s brand
HARVEST TIME  :  mid September till october
SHIPMENT 20ʹ FCL 13  MT   (Net Weight )
40ʹ FCL  25  MT   (Net Weight )
PLACE OF ORIGINBehbahan and Dashtestan  province


Many of confectionaries as well as cake, cookies and sweets producers use this date as a significant ingredient in some of their recipes.

This date has a yellow color at Kharak and Rotab stage.

Meanwhile after ripening, the date turns to dark brown. Kabkab dates are mostly consumed in its fully ripened stage.

This date has an ovoid shape.

Also it has a hard skin; the pit color is grey and is completely glued to the flesh of date.

Each Kabkab date weighs approximately 15 gram and its length is 3-4 cm. Kabkab dates is considered as semi-dried date. Its moisture content is about 18%.

There are various types of Kabkab Dates in Iran, a kind of this date has a special taste and usually extract syrup from its texture.

In the global markets, dates should usually be available without syrup, but the people in Iran often consume the type with syrup.


This type of date has a lot of energy for daily consumption.

Kabkab dates have adequate amounts of magnesium.

Due to the presence of iron in the structure of Kabkab Dates, this type of date can be suitable for people suffering from anemia.

Consuming this type of date can also boost your vision. In addition, this type of date contains vitamins B1 & B2.

Due to the presence of vitamin C in its structure, this type of date is a convenient remedy for common colds.



Nutrition facts

PrincipleNutrient value/ 30GrUnit
Trans fat0Gr
Saturated fat0Gr



Kabkab dates which are selected for exportation by Kimia Gold Company are all of the same quality and highest grade.

There are mainly 2 types of Kabkab dates:

The juicy Kabkab which is mostly for internal use.

The dry Kabkab which is used for export.

Harvesting time and place

 The harvesting season in Iran is at the end of the summer and early fall.

In fact The Kharak fruit ripens in early August, but it is harvested as a fully ripe fruit (date) in mid-September.

This type of date is commonly grown in Bushehr & Khuzestan.

Its main cultivation regions are considered to be Behbahan & Dashtestan .





Kimia Gold Company has made great attempts in order to modernize its principles of packaging by utilizing standard packaging for Kabkab Dates.

Also, Kabkab packages have acquired the standards required by the Iranian Ministry of Health & are also suitable for export.

Nowadays, companies in Iran such as Kimia Gold, utilize the best harvesting, transportation & packing technologies.

These developments have made customers much more confident regarding the quality of Kabkab Dates.

Kimia Gold Kabkab packaging:

Customer packaging: Juicy Kabkab in 1 – 1.5 Kg pressed

Bulk packaging: Dry Kabkab in 5 kg and 10 kg, Dipped in Edible Paraffin Oil.


Storage conditions

Generally, as Kabkab Dates have a high potential for attracting insects, is it recommended to be stored in refrigerating rooms or warehouses.

Furthermore, you can store these dates for much longer time if you preserve them in low temperatures of -5° C to +5° C.


Shipping and delivery

 Kimia gold company, with years of experience in the field of export dates, and with its brilliant export records, can implement all necessary actions in the process of shipping and delivering dates to all over the world.

It is possible to take delivery in the terms of ( EXW, FOB , FCA ,CPT and CFR ) if required by the customers.

Attention : it is recommended that the dates should be carried by the RF Container in all warm seasons .


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