Khalas Dates

Khalas dates are one of the most popular dates in Saudi Arabia and a large amount of them are exported to other countries every year. These dates are soft and moist and have a caramel-like taste. They have a light brown and golden color and their skin is semi-transparent. Khalas dates have a mild sweetness and a lot of nectar and are often served for guests with Arabic coffee. They have a small oval or round shape like Ajwa dates, but have a lighter color and a smooth skin. Khalas dates are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber and can be used as a nutritious snack. These dates also contain a lot of carbohydrates and fiber and help digest food. Some vendors sell Khalas dates stuffed with nuts or with chocolate coating.

Buy Khalas Dates

Are you thinking of buying Khalas dates and do not know from which seller to buy Khalas dates? We are proud to offer you to buy Khalas dates from Kimia Gold Company, one of the best Khalas dates wholesalers. Kimia Gold Company allows you to choose the best of its very diverse products to suit your market and customers. By Khalas dates wholesale purchase, you can significantly reduce your costs and enjoy the delicious taste and freshness of dates. Kimia Gold Company, with its long experience in exporting world-famous dates such as Safawi dates, exports Khalas dates wholesale to Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries at reasonable prices.

Khalas Dates Price

Khalas dates price depends on its quality as well as its type of packaging. The color of Khalas dates may be yellow or light brown and they may be available in soft nectarous or semi-dry forms. Khalas dates are also available in pressed blocks or vacuum-packed. If you purchase Khalas dates wholesale from Kimia Gold Company as Khalas dates wholesale supplier, you can significantly reduce transportation costs and other import costs, and receive the most delicious and freshest dates in the fastest possible time at a reasonable price. To inquire about Khalas dates wholesale price or the price of other varieties of dates, such as Khinizi dates, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or email.

Khalas Dates Exporter

Dates are one of the most useful and nutritious fruits of the world and due to their great health benefits, they have many consumers all over the world. This fruit is the most consumed fruit in the Persian Gulf countries, especially during Ramadan. Every year, in addition to meeting the needs of customers in their own country, date-producing countries export a large portion of dates to other countries that demand dates. Khalas dates are also one of the most important and tasty commercial and export cultivars and are exported in large quantities every year. Kimia Gold Company is one of the largest Khalas dates exporters and exports high quality dates including Deglet Noor dates, Medjool dates, etc. to Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, as well as the Persian Gulf countries and European countries. For more information on how to import Khalas dates, you can contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company and get free consultation on purchase of Khalas dates or other varieties of dates, such as Mabroom dates.

Khalas Dates Supplier

Kimia Gold Company, a Khalas dates wholesale supplier, will support you through all stages of the supply chain and can deliver the highest quality product to you in the fastest possible time. The biggest concern of Khalas dates buyers is to ensure that the supplier complies with the latest food supply standards and regulations. Kimia Gold Company complies with all health regulations for date exports and supplies its products in accordance with international standards. Kimia Gold Company also supplies its products, especially Khalas dates, to Khalas dates importers at wholesale prices in bulk or in different packages. For more information on Khalas dates supply, you can contact Kimia Gold Company at any time via email or WhatsApp.

Khalas Dates Packaging

Khalas dates are offered in packages in different weights of 450 g to 10 kg or in bulk. They are also supplied to foreign markets vacuum packed. Kimia Gold Company can supply Khalas dates according to customer requirements and requests in various and customized packages in different weights. The type and design of Khalas dates packaging should be such that in addition to attracting customers, it can maintain the quality of Khalas dates during transportation and storage. Buying dates from a reputable brand also plays a big role in your sales. Due to the high moisture and nectar of dates, their storage conditions and packaging are of special importance. Kimia Gold Company sorts the best and highest quality Khalas dates using equipped devices with the help of professional people and the latest techniques for packing and selling dates and exports them in small or large quantities in various packages and also in custom-branded packages if requested by the customer. To see the sample of Khalas dates packaging via WhatsApp or email, feel free to contact Kimia Gold Company.

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