Kali Dates

Kali Dates

Introducing Kali Dates

One of the large and high-quality dates in Iran is Kali dates (Kalute). This type of date is moist, and since it has a special and unique taste, it has a significant place among the people and has a good sales market in the Persian Gulf and many European countries. Kali dates are very similar to Mazafati dates, so that only experts can distinguish these two types of dates. The difference between these two types of dates is in their color and texture. Kali dates are dark brown and lighter than Mazafati dates and have a more rigid texture.


What are the Properties of Kali Dates?

Did you know that Kali dates (Kalute) are among the highest quality Iranian dates with a large appearance? Kali is one of the most significant types of dates, and it has soft flesh and hard core. Kali is a variety of dry and wet dates. This type of date has a balanced syrup compared to other types of Iranian dates. The size of this date varies between 2 to 4 cm. Its color is red, and when ripe, it is very dark brown. This date has good taste and has a good reputation among date consumers.

The First-Grade Kali Dates

Since kali dates have different qualities, the kali dates price in other markets is often low and offered at a low cost, but what causes the highest possible Kali dates wholesale price is increasing the demand for this type of product. In addition to having a very desirable and high quality, Iranian kali dates are also reasonably priced, have a pleasant taste. Also, they are one of the most important and widely consumed types of Iranian dates for export. If you are a buyer of Kali dates and want to buy Kali dates (Kalute), you can refer to the Kimia Gold website to find out the Kali dates price, and the Kali dates wholesale price. 

Kali Dates Supplier

By referring to this Kali date company, you can inquire about the cost from the best Kali dates manufacturer and register your order at any time of the day.


Kimia Gold Company is a Kali Dates Supplier

Kimia Gold Company is one of the most reputable Kali dates supplier companies, ready to accept orders and export Sayer datesRabbi Dates and Kali dates (Kalute) to different countries and cooperate with foreign Kali dates importers. The highest demand for Kalute dates is from India, Russia, China, UAE, Iraq, and Turkey. This Kali dates wholesale supplier company produces and packs kali dates in solid packages resistant to moisture and temperature changes to provide high-quality, fresh and healthy products. We assure you that the Kali dates produced in this wholesale supplier company are of high-quality and entirely hygienic in addition to having a healthy appearance. All our products are processed and packaged by the latest machines and the modern technical knowledge of the day and supplied worldwide.


Kali Dates Exporter

Due to the high quality and relatively reasonable Iranian Kali dates price, Iran is a prominent Kali dates exporter. Iranian kali dates have an excellent domestic and international market. So that it is one of the essential exporting types of Iranian dates. These dates are exported to the consumer market in different packages or bulk, and the most crucial point in the export and supply of these dates is the excellent quality of this type. As the prominent Kali dates wholesale supplier and the exporter company of this product, Kimia Gold Company has started supplying and exporting high-quality kali dates in the shortest possible time. The possibility of providing high tonnage of this product, having an affordable price, excellent quality and taste, easy and convenient shipment and preserving are the prominent features of this exporting company. Today, Iranian kali dates are exported in different packages to many countries, including the Persian Gulf countries and some European and American countries, which are the main Kali dates importers.

Kali Dates Price

Kali Dates Wholesale

As one of the prominent Kali dates wholesale suppliers, Kimia Gold Company has collected desirable dates with the highest quality in up-to-date and modern packaging according to its domestic and foreign customers’ needs to meet domestic and export markets all over the year. Kali dates. Wholesale are performed in packaged form in many Kali dates wholesale supplier centers. As one of the Kali dates wholesale suppliers, Kimia Gold Company can supply kali dates to many kali dates importer companies, including the Persian Gulf, East Asian countries, and European countries. 

Also, the Kali dates wholesale price, and direct sale and purchase of kali dates are essential for this company. For more information in this field, please contact our experts via email and WhatsApp of this company.  


Buy Kali Dates with an Affordable and Competitive Price

Kali dates have always been on the shopping list of Iranians as well as foreign traders. This high demand shows the popularity and attractiveness of this product for consumers. The unique properties of this date and its delightful taste have caused good order of this product in the market. Of course, the lower price of the Kali dates is also a factor in high demand for this product. Now the main point is that this product can always be bought at a competitive and fair price. Buying kali dates at a reasonable price from the most reputable Kali dates suppliers is convenient and easy. Buying kali dates from Kimia Gold Company is an excellent option for purchasing this product directly because there is no intermediary between the buyer and seller. This date will reach the foreign kali dates importers with the lowest and competitive price. With the harvest of this product in September, this Kali dates company tries to deliver this product to the customers at the most reasonable price with a direct and accessible supply. 

Kali Dates Wholesale

The Way of Packing Kali Dates in Kimia Gold Company

Kali dates can be offered to the consumer market in different packages or bulk. The most crucial point in providing and supplying Kali dates is the appropriate quality of this type. Kali dates are primarily packaged in 10 and 5 kg cartons in bulk and supplied in small packages in different weights. With date sorting, Kimia Gold Date Group can package and supply high tonnage of first-class exporting dates with suitable packaging with the customer’s order. This Kali date’s manufacturer has stored this variety of dates in a completely hygienic and sterilized environment with a controlled temperature to offer fresh and high-quality products to customers in all seasons. If you are buyers of dates such as Medjool datesDeglet Noor dates, etc., and you want to buy Kali dates, do not look for another company other than Kimia Gold Company. Contact this company and buy the best and high-quality type of dates from this reputable company. 


Do you know the medical properties of kali dates?

Since Iranian kali dates are rich in minerals and organic matter, they can be used as a snack to energize and give people the necessary strength to perform their daily tasks. Due to its energy-producing properties, this date can be considered an excellent snack in today’s life, involving many people with various life problems and long-term work. The soft and crunchy texture of the meat of this date has made it easy to name this date as a nutritious snack. Because not only does it have good flesh, but it also has enough minerals and vitamins that it is known as one of the valuable dates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Kali dates are known as Kalute dates in many areas.

Kali dates are grown in the southern regions of Iran, mostly in the southwestern regions.

Kali dates are medium in size and are usually about 2.5 to 4 cm.

If stored in a cool and dry place, it can last up to two years.

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