Pitted Dates

Pitted Dates

What are Pitted Dates?

Pitted dates are dates whose seeds are removed for easier consumption. The Iranian pitted dates are very famous and well-known in the world. Therefore, they are highly regarded for export to Asian and European countries and can compete with global markets. These dates have the most significant amount of exports due to their uses; they are made from various dates, but the most considerable amount of these dates, about 90%, is obtained from Sayer dates that their seeds are removed.


How does the Pitted Dates Price Determine?

How much do the Iranian pitted dates cost? Pitted dates are sold at different prices in different countries, which can be said many factors effectively determine the pitted dates price and the pitted dates wholesale price. Pitted dates are one of the highest quality dates, and the production of this type of date is much less than other commercial date cultivars in Iran. It can be said that many factors are influential in determining the pitted dates price, including the quality of packaging and product quality. Of course, bulk supply has advantages such as lower and more affordable prices. Therefore, the pitted dates wholesale price has a more appropriate and cost-effective price. You can refer to Kimia Gold Company for information on the pitted dates price and the pitted dates wholesale price.

Buy Pitted Dates

Pitted dates are one of Iran’s most important exporting products. Their seeds are removed in sorting and packaging centers. Their quality is examined and packed in exporting packages and placed in cold storage until the selling time. To buy pitted dates, you can proceed through Kimia Gold Company and contact the best pitted dates exporter directly and without intermediaries and buy your desired product. For information on how to buy pitted dates and information on the pitted dates price and exporting conditions of this product, you can contact the company’s sales department through email and WhatsApp numbers available on the Kimia Gold website and get the necessary information in this regard. 

Pitted Dates Supplier

Kimia Gold Company is a Pitted Dates wholesale Supplier

Pitted dates are one of the producing dates in Iran. Due to its high quality, reasonable and affordable price, this product is one of the most famous Iranian dates. Iranian pitted dates are supplied to many countries such as European, Asian and Arab countries. Many companies supply pitted dates in Iran, which are responsible for providing many types of dates and their products, including Medjool datesRabbi dateschopped dates, etc. The direct supply of pitted dates to other countries is done through this pitted dates wholesale supplier company. Kimia Gold Company is one of the pitted dates suppliers in Iran. This company directly manages the production and supply of dates, including kabkab dates and Iraqi Zahedi dates, etc., from cultivation to harvest, packaging, and supplying and exporting the best and highest quality pitted dates in international markets.

Pitted Dates Price

The Exporting Pitted Dates

Pitted dates are made from various Iranian dates, including Sayer dates, Kimia dates, etc. Kimia Gold Company, the Iranian dates and their products manufacturer company, including date paste, is one of the largest pitted dates exporters. This company exports its products in high quality to many countries worldwide, including the Persian Gulf, European and Asian countries, etc., which are the Iranian pitted dates importers. Our company also exports types of pitted dates, including pitted Zahedi dates, at a much more reasonable and competitive price to the pitted dates importers in international markets.

The Main Pitted Dates Wholesale Centers

As one of the leading Iranian pitted date wholesale centers, Kimia Gold Company, the company of a pitted date, collects desirable dates with the highest quality in up-to-date and modern packaging to meet the needs of domestic and export markets all over the year. Pitted dates wholesale are performed in packaged form in many pitted dates manufacturer centers. As one of the pitted dates wholesale suppliers, Kimia Gold Company offers pitted dates wholesale and all kinds of dates and its products, including Deglet Noor dates and date syrup to many Iranian dates importers countries including the Persian Gulf, East Asian and European countries. Also, the pitted dates wholesale price and the intermediary buy of pitted dates are of great importance for this company.

Pitted Dates Wholesale

The First-class Pitted Dates Properties

Pitted dates have many benefits, including customer-friendliness, their use in making sweets, desserts, chocolates, and so on, and the uses of this type of date in the food industry. Pitted dates are rich in nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, C, E and D, etc., and they are beneficial for those who want to have a nice figure. This date is suitable for people with diabetes because it has natural sugar. Also, it can be said that pitted dates are beneficial for children because they reduce the risk of swallowing kernels. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The dates are pitted by industrial machines.

Sayer date is mostly used for processing pitted dates because of the less attachment of the flesh to the pit and its high quality.

It is better to keep pitted dates at a temperature between 0 and 50°F to maintain moisture and prevent it from spoiling.

All you have to do is to call our WhatsApp number at 971505021205 or send an email to info@kimiagold.co to inquire the price of pitted dates as soon as possible.

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    1. After harvesting, the pits are removed from the dates by machines and then sorted and packed with other machines.

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