Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor dates, also known as the “Queen of Dates”, is another international variety of dates that grows in the hot regions of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq and the United States and are an important commercial cultivar. The soft texture, bright and beautiful color and honey-like and sweet taste of Deglet Noor dates have made them one of the best-selling dates. Deglet Noor dates are plump and semi-dry and their color is light brown. Deglet Noor dates, like Medjool dates, are very popular in European and Arab countries and are one of the most famous export dates. This type of date also has many health benefits and is a healthy snack for you. Deglet Noor dates contain protein, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, and eating a few of them during the day prevents the risk of many diseases, especially cancer and anemia.


Buy Deglet Noor Dates

The color of Deglet Noor dates varies from golden to light brown and their skin is slightly translucent. Deglet Noor dates have less sweetness than Medjool dates.  Kimia Gold  Company carefully hand-picks the highest quality Deglet Noor dates and grades them according to their size, color and quality, and sells the best Deglet Noor dates to Deglet Noor buyers at wholesale price. Deglet Noor wholesale purchase is the best way to buy the best and highest quality Deglet Noor dates. In addition to Deglet Noor dates, Kimia Gold Company offers a variety of best-selling dates such as Safawi dates in bulk at a reasonable price. For wholesale purchase of Deglet Noor dates or other products, you can contact our sales experts via WhatsApp. 

Deglet Noor Dates Price

Deglet Noor dates price depends on many factors such as its type, quality and supply. Deglet Noor dates are sold pitted, with branches, without branches, dry and semi-dry, and their prices vary a lot. Kimia Gold  Company sorts the best Deglet Noor dates in terms of size, color and quality, and supplies the best Deglet Noor dates at a wholesale price to Deglet Noor dates buyers. To reduce your costs, you can buy Deglet Noor dates in bulk from Kimia Gold Company. We offer you all our products such as Ajwa dates, Mabroom dates, Fardh dates, etc. at wholesale price. To inquire about Deglet Noor dates price, you can easily contact  Kimia Gold Company and receive a quotation right now.

Deglet Noor Dates Supplier

Deglet Noor Dates Exporter

Deglet Noor dates are one of the best-selling and highly demanded dates in every country, and for this reason, many companies are engaged in exporting Deglet Noor dates. Kimia Gold Company is also one of Deglet Noor dates exporters and every year exports the freshest and highest quality Deglet Noor dates to other countries. Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the main Deglet Noor dates importers. European countries are also in great demand for Deglet Noor dates. Kimia Gold Company is one of the largest and most experienced Deglet Noor dates exporters and has all health certificates and food safety standards, and exports many varieties of dates such as Sukkary dates, Saqai dates, Iraqi Zahedi dates and also Deglet Noor dates wholesale to all over the world.

Deglet Noor Dates Price

Deglet Noor Dates Supplier

It is not easy to find a supplier who can meet all your needs. The date supplier must have all the certificates and standards related to the quality of dates. In addition, a good supplier must have experience in exporting dates to your country and be familiar with the quality requirements of the product in your country. Kimia Gold Company is one of the most experienced Deglet Noor dates wholesalers and has all the necessary international standards for date exports and can supply Deglet Noor dates to all countries of the world in any quantity at a reasonable price.

If you purchase from Kimia Gold Company, the Deglet Noor dates wholesale supplier, you can buy the freshest Deglet Noor dates and other varieties of dates such as Khinizi dates, Fardh dates, and Khalas dates in bulk at the best price.Access to Kimia Gold Company is very easy, just contact our WhatsApp number and place your order. 


Deglet Noor Dates Wholesale

Deglet Noor Dates Packaging

Kimia Gold Company offers Deglet Noor dates in different packages. Kimia Gold packaging is very creative and beautifully designed and maintains the quality of the product during shipping. Kimia Gold Company can also offer Deglet Noor dates in custom packaging with the customer’s requested design in different weights or in bulk. Deglet Noor dates are also available in weights of 450 g to 10 kg. To see the samples of Deglet Noor dates packaging, contact us via WhatsApp or email. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Deglet Noor dates are considered a great snack because they are rich in fiber and natural sugar. On the other hand, the digestion of fiber in the body is slow, so using it at any time helps you feel less hungry during the day.

Deglet Noor dates, also known as royal dates, are among the semi-dried dates that have firm flesh and a sweet taste.

It is better to keep Deglet Noor dates in the refrigerator to keep them moist. You can also keep dates in the refrigerator for 6 months. However, its moisture gradually decreases, if they are not washed.

You may inquire the market price of Deglet Noor dates by contacting our WhatsApp number and register your order.

Deglet Noor Dates Packing

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