Deglet Noor dates, unlike most of the dates, are not cultivated in Iran and is not an indigenous fruit of Iran.

This date is originally from the Middle East and is the indigenous fruit of Iraq.

Iran failed to cultivate this date, maybe due to the salinity of the Karun River.



HS CODE : 08041030




Moisture :  max  35 %
Description :   have uniqe taste because of the sugar on it  
Taste :   sweet
Color :   light brown and golden  
Type :   semi-dried
Flavor :   naturally sweet dates without foreign taste
Chemical and artificial additive :  No , ( 100% Natural ,Gluten free , Veg )

 below ( -5°C ) : about ( 18 to 24 months )  in cool and dry place .

 At room temperature  : 1-3 months (based on humidity condition )



They are divided based on the color and size



Packing in Bulk : 7 Kg  carton
Consumer packing :  ( 450 , 900 , 1300 Gr ) , and in different kind of packing per customer request
There is possibility to packed with the customer’s brand
HARVEST TIME  :  late September to mid October
SHIPMENT20ʹ FCL 13  MT   ( Net Weight )
40ʹ FCL  25  MT  ( Net Weight )
PLACE OF ORIGINTunisia , Algeria

All reports show that this fruit is mostly cultivated in North African countries.

It has a very beautiful appearance in light brown and golden color, and for this, it is known as the Finger of Light in the Arab world.

Deglet Noor dates can be used in two forms: Rotab and dates.


Deglet Noor dates, like other available dates, are rich in vitamins and minerals; so, they can be consumed as a good food material during the day when you are hungry.

This date has high amounts of fiber in its structure, which is not only useful for the digestive system, but also for lowering the blood cholesterol.

This date also contains a lot of carbohydrates that have a significant effect on providing the necessary energy for the body, especially the nervous system and brain.



Nutritional value

PrincipleNutrient value/100 GrUnit


The U.S. Department of Agriculture ‘ grading of the Deglet Noor dates is based on their uniformity of color, insect safety, and the health and size of the dates.

Most export dates have the same amount of sugar in their structure, so this is not a good standard for grading them.

Harvesting time and place

Deglet Noor dates are mainly grown in desert regions of Tunisia and Algeria.

According to reports, Tunisia is the first exporter of Deglet Noor dates, but most of these dates are produced in Algeria, and it has also been cultivated in California for more than a hundred years with a very high production volume.

The harvest season of this product starts from the end of summer and continues until autumn.

Shipping and storage

The storage and shipping conditions of Deglet Noor product is based on the amount of moisture in the date, because the Deglet Noor date is available in two types of Rotab and dates, so the higher the moisture content of this date, the lower the temperature for storage. For example, dates with 35% moisture should be stored at a temperature between 0 and 2 ° C. And for shipping, it is more desirable to use a refrigerated container to prevent spoilage. Another type of this date with lower moisture can be stored better because it is pasteurized to prevent mold growth.


Deglet Noor dates was packed mostly in bulk, and the dates were packed in bulk and in large and strong fiber cartons after a little sorting. However, nowadays, Deglet Noor dates are packed in two types of small packages (1.3 kg, 900 g and 450 g) and bulk by weight (7 kg).


Kimia Gold Company with many years of practical experience in exporting date and other products can cover all stages of shipping and delivery of dates to all over the world, in forms of CFR, CPT, FOB, and FCA, depending on customers’ requirements.

Note: For better storage and ensuring that the dates are safe to carry in hot seasons, they must be transported in a refrigerated container.


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