Chopped Dates

Chopped Dates


Chopped dates are one of the most unique and delicious date products. This product is delicious and nutritious, and large export and production companies produce it and offer it in packages. This product is made from date pieces with additives and is considered a helpful snack with various vitamins. It is also considered an excellent alternative to sugar. Chopped dates are seedless and have a high shelf life because of their low moisture and can stay fresh longer. Chopped dates can be produced in various types. The most famous chopped dates are made from Sayer dates and Kabkab dates.



Chopped Dates Properties 

Every 100 grams of chopped dates contains 20 to 50% protein, 0.89 mg of magnesium, 0.50 mg of phosphorus, 0.6 mg of vitamin B2 and 0.3 mg of vitamin B1, and 2.6 mg of iron and vitamin C. Like other date products, such as date paste, chopped dates have a high nutritional value and are useful and nutritious for all age groups. Chopped dates are a helpful product for weight loss. If you want to achieve your ideal weight, it is recommended that in addition to daily exercise, consume chopped dates because the various vitamins such as proteins and carbohydrates in this product will make you feel full and thus it can help you lose weight. Chopped dates are a good source of dietary fiber.


Iranian Chopped Dates Price

The European and Persian Gulf countries love Iranian dates such as Mazafati dates, Rabbi dates, and date products such as chopped dates. Therefore, chopped dates account for a large export volume of Iranian date products. Many chopped dates exporters supply this excellent product to other countries and deliver it to world markets at a reasonable price.

Kimia Gold Company is one of the leading chopped dates manufacturers and supplies this product with high quality and reasonable wholesale price. It is worth mentioning that chopped dates price and chopped dates wholesale price are affordable, and you can contact this chopped date company and inquire about chopped dates price and register your order.



Buy Chopped Dates with High Quality

To buy chopped dates, you can contact the suppliers of Iranian dates and date products and register your order and inquire about chopped dates price. Kimia Gold Company is one of chopped dates manufacturers and supplies this product to any country in completely hygienic and clean packages in the shortest possible time.


Chopped Dates Manufacturer

Today Iranian chopped dates are produced in most parts of Iran, especially in dates producing areas of Iran. Chopped dates are produced in different flavors. They are made from dried dates, which are pitted earlier, and then sliced ​​by special machines. Kimia Gold Company manufactures chopped dates in various flavors for every taste. This company, as one of the most advanced companies in the production of Iranian dates and date products such as chopped dates in Iran and the world, is ready to supply and sell dates and date products to dear customers. This chopped dates company is active in wholesale supply of dates and date products. This company also manufactures chopped dates from Zahedi dates and Iraqi Zahedi dates supplies them wholesale. To purchase chopped dates wholesale, you can contact Kimia Gold company and get a free consultation.


Chopped Dates Exporter

Chopped dates are one of the most important and export date products and have many health benefits. Premium chopped dates are mainly exported and supplied to chopped dates importers in large quantities and in beautiful packages. This product is made from the best-dried dates and can be stored at room temperature for a long time. Kimia Gold Company is one of the chopped dates exporters that export this product all over the world. Chopped dates are made from various dates such as Piarom dates, etc., and are exported to many countries around the world. This product is shipped to other countries in high volume and stylish packages. To buy chopped dates without intermediaries and directly from the factory at wholesale price, contact Kimia Gold Company via email or WhatsApp. 



Chopped Dates Supplier  

Chopped dates are exported to other countries in addition to being supplied in the domestic market. Chopped dates wholesale suppliers in Iran supply chopped dates to international markets in large quantities every year. Kimia Gold Company is one of the largest chopped dates suppliers. This chopped dates company is one of the largest dates wholesalers in the country, and most chopped dates importers and buyers prefer to buy their products from this chopped dates manufacturer. You can purchase high-quality exporting dates at reasonable wholesale prices from this chopped dates company.


Chopped Dates Wholesale 

Due to the high demand for chopped dates, many chopped dates manufacturers are active in producing this product. These manufacturers use different methods for chopped dates wholesale. The chopped dates wholesale is performed according to the conditions governing the product market. There are many chopped dates wholesale suppliers to buy chopped dates. One of the most popular and well-known chopped dates suppliers is Kimia Gold Company. This company is active in producing chopped dates from a variety of dates, including Rabbi dates. We are involved in chopped dates wholesale in this company and offer this product with suitable packaging at a very competitive price. For bulk purchase of chopped dates, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company and make your purchase online.


Chopped Dates Packaging 

Chopped dates are one of the best-selling Iranian date products. This product has economic and exporting aspects and can be supplied in large quantities. This date product can be supplied to the date market with various types of cartons and bulk packaging. The quality of packaging of chopped dates is one of the most critical issues in exporting this product and for successful export of this product special attention should be paid to the international standards. The chopped dates wholesale suppliers manufacture and supply this product in quality packages. Kimia Gold Company, one of the chopped dates manufacturers, exports this product to the European and Arab countries and supplies chopped dates and different types of Iranian dates, Iranian pitted dates, etc. in creative and quality packaging. This chopped dates company also offers this product with the highest quality and meets all export standards in product packaging and has been so far successful in gaining customer satisfaction with providing high-quality products and packaging.


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