Import dates to Bangladesh

import dates to bangladesh

Kimia Gold brand is one of the well-known brands in Bangladesh market.

Dates are imported to Bangladesh by Kimia Gold Company.

Due to its proximity to India, Bangladesh has provided favorable conditions for date importers.

On the other hand, the existence of easy rules for importing products to this country is one of the important factors for importers.

Import Kali Dates to Bangladesh

Kali is one of the dates produced in Iran, which is very similar to Mazafati dates.

Dates with natural sugar are used as sweeteners in the food industry.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in Asia with low purchasing power.

Dates are one of the cheapest foods in this country.

On the other hand, the existence of India as the main importer of Iranian dates has helped Bangladesh a lot.

Kali dates is also known by other names such as Kalute.

This date grows in the south of Iran and Kerman province.

Usually, Kali and Mazafati are kept together.

The city of Bam, with its Mazafati date cold storages, also store Kali dates.

Imports Shahani Dates to Bangladesh

Shahani is a product of southern Iran and is a popular date in Asian markets.

Shahani with different qualities have a lot of exports to Bangladesh due to low prices.

Bangladesh is usually one of the regular buyers of these dates.

Shahani is usually exported to different countries with completely normal and agricultural packaging.

These dates are exported in compressed form.

Shahani is one of the semi-wet dates in Iran.

If the moisture of this date is more than a certain limit, it will cause it to spoil.

The reasonable price of this date has caused Bangladesh to import a large tonnage of this date every year.

Import Mazafati dates to Bangladesh

Iran’s best-selling dates also sell well in Bangladesh.

There are different grades of these dates for export to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has good trade relations with Iran.

The date market of this country has a high potential for selling Iranian dates.

Bangladesh is one of the developing countries that has established many trade relations with different countries.

Dates, as an economical food with high properties, sell well in this country’s market.

In addition to Iran, the Tunisian countries of the UAE also sell their dates in this country’s market.

Import Zahedi dates to Bangladesh

Zahedi is one of the dried dates produced in Iran.

There are several types of dates in the world.

The most famous of them are Iranian and Iraqi Zahedi.

This date with the brand of Kimia Gold Company is one of the most popular dates.

Easy storage conditions, very low price and high consumption have led to high sales of these dates.

Usually these dates do not have special packaging and are imported to Bangladesh with ordinary and simple cartons. The convenient laws of Bangladesh have greatly helped the import of these dates.

Zahedi has different grades that can be provided according to the needs of buyers.

The color of this date is yellow and brownish.

Iran is one of the best lands for planting and harvesting this crop due to its diverse climate, and fortunately the harvest rate of this crop in Iran is very suitable.

Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan provinces have the largest share in the production of this product.

The hot and dry climate of these areas has provided very good conditions for the growth of the best specimens of this date in these areas.

Import Rabbi dates to Bangladesh

Rabbi is one of the dates imported to Bangladesh.

This date is completely Iranian and is known by other names in the world.

Rabbi is the main and most important date in Sistan and Baluchestan region.

Rabbi is also known as Pakistani date.

These dates are generally considered to be semi-dry dates.

Date kernels are smaller than meat.

Due to the adhesion of the shell to the core, and its good texture, it can be easily washed and maintained.

At maturity, the date turns full black. And sometimes it tends to be dark brown.

You can import Rabbi Dates to Bangladesh with Kimia Gold packaging.

Import Sayer dates to Bangladesh

Sayer is one of the dates produced in Iran in world markets. These dates are usually exported in bulk.

It is one of the other international dates that the United States has graded.

This date is also known as Este’maran.

All other grades are available for customer order.

Sayer dates or Este’maran dates are classified as semi-dry or semi-wet dates and have less than 18% moisture.

This has helped to preserve these dates better and longer.

It has provided even easier conditions for the export of this product.

Of course, it should be noted that although this date is very popular and sold in foreign markets, but it is not very well known in Iran and its consumption in Iran is far from the standards of many countries.

The time of harvest of Sayer dates or Este’maran dates is about the beginning of September to the beginning of October. This product is one of the major dates for export that has many exports to Asian countries.

Import Deglet Noor dates to Bangladesh

Deglet Noor is one of the world and produced dates in Iran.

This date is one of the dried and export dates.

Deglet Noor is available in different grades and weights.

According to the buyers’ need for this date, Kimia Gold Company can supply it.

In addition to Iranian Deglet Noor, Kimia Gold Company can also provide Tunisian and Iraqi Deglet Noor for buyers.

Import Kabkab dates to Bangladesh

Kabkab with a special and pleasant taste is one of the special dates of Iran.

There are two types of dates, the dry type is exported.

Kabkab dates is produced only in Iran and is also known in the world as Iranian dates.

Kimia Gold Company provides Kabkab for export to Bangladesh for buyers.

This date is one of the economic dates of Iran.

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