How to keep dates fresh

How to keep dates fresh

Maybe you have faced this problem many times and you do not know how to properly store the purchased dates so that they remain fresh and do not lose their properties?! For this reason, the following article lists all the available methods and methods for this operation.

Dates are a fruit that can be used dry. This fruit has many properties and benefits both in dry and wet state. It is worth mentioning that this nutritious fruit is known all over the world due to its sweet and hearty taste. If it is possible to preserve some of the moisture and freshness of the date, it’s delicious taste will be much more and better. Therefore, you should know that how to keep dates fresh, can play a very important role in the use of dates in the public diet. However, if this period of storage of dates is long, it is no longer suitable to store it at home and it is better to keep it in the refrigerator and in a closed container; In this case, it is possible to store fresh and healthy dates for up to a week or some types of dates for a longer period of time in proper storage conditions. It should be noted that in case of storing dates, the freezer should be in bulk so that while saving the cost of buying dates, it can be stored for a longer period of time.

Put dates in zippered plastic bags

In this case, you should be careful that after packing the dates in plastic bags with zippers, it is better to carefully consider the storage period so that it does not last long and the dates do not remain in the plastic bags. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should try to get the extra air out when you put the dates in the plastic bag; because the air in the bag causes the dates to rot faster.

Store semi-dry dates in room air

In order to observe this, it is necessary to put dates that have a little moisture in closed containers and try to keep them out of the reach of insects and in a cabinet or cupboard or fruit container. Be careful that the dates are not exposed to direct sunlight or the stove flames in any way; because the high temperature of the sun and also the flame of the stove leads to the spoilage of dates. Therefore, it is recommended to consume the purchased dates at a suitable time.

Store wet and juicy dates in the refrigerator

Wet and juicy dates, unlike dried and semi-dry dates, must be refrigerated; because it has moisture and this provides a good place for microscopic organisms to grow. Therefore, to preserve the delicious taste of moist and juicy dates, it is better to keep them in the refrigerator. This preserves the taste of dates and prevents them from spoiling and sour in a short time.

The most appropriate time to consume dates

You should know that the most suitable and best time to consume the purchased dates is about one week. Because during this period, the real taste as well as the aroma of dates is preserved and its consumption can be enjoyed. It is true that this time of consumption of dates is more than a week, but the best and most suitable time for the public is the same week. However, if these dates are stored in closed containers without any airborne particles entering them, the shelf life outside the refrigerator can be up to about a month. If this period of storage and storage of dates is increased, its original and delicious flavor will be reduced and finally leachates will accumulate in the bottom of the existing container, which shows a bad appearance and may be causes the dates to rot and sour. Also, if dates are stored outside the refrigerator, they will lose their moisture after a while and lead to sugaring. An important factor that can help us identify the badness of dates is that they have a thick odor and may not have a specific flavor. These are the cases that indicate the expiration date of dates.

Store dates in the freezer

If you keep dates in the freezer, you can store them well for up to a year. If you are going to buy fresh dates, it is better to use the dates in the freezer first and pack the fresh dates in the freezer properly. In this case, you can have good dates for your consumption and your family for up to a year. Note that the shelf life of semi-dry dates is much longer than wet dates.

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The correct way to store dates in the freezer

If you want to keep the dates longer, it is better to put them in the freezer where it is not easy to access. To do this, you need to put the dates in plastic bags with zippers, so that all the air inside the bag is empty. Place the dates one centimeter apart so that they do not tear the plastic bag after freezing and increasing in volume in the freezer.


Suitable place to store dates in the freezer

You should know that bags containing dates should be kept at the end of the freezer. Because when the dates are at the bottom of the mill, the storage time increases and the spoilage rots later. Even in the event of a power outage for any reason, frozen items in the bottom of the freezer will thaw later, which will help keep it healthy. Therefore, this method is very suitable for times when you intend to store dates for a longer period of time.

The right time to eat frozen dates

If you use frozen dates, you should put them at room temperature for about 3 hours to completely defreeze them. If you suspect that dates have expired and may be rotten, you should pay attention to the taste, which has the same taste as fresh dates. But if the taste changes, you should avoid consuming it. When you do not have enough time to thaw frozen dates, you can easily put the dates in a bowl of hot water, which can be eaten after 30 minutes.

Storage and reserve of dates for 3 years or more

If you want to store dates for more than a year, they must be stored for 3 years if properly closed. Dates, like other dried fruits, have a longer shelf life in the freezer without spoilage, if properly packaged and sealed. When packing dates to freeze them, be sure to put the date of the same day on it so that you will not face a problem. Do not forget the important point that when packing, the extra air inside the package must be completely empty. Also, when consuming dates, after taking them out of the freezer, if you feel an unpleasant taste and smell, you should not consume it in any way.


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