When are dates harvested in Iran?

When are dates harvested in Iran

Dates are a group of fruits that need hot and dry weather for their growth.

The harvest time of dates in Iran is summer and autumn.

The dates cultivated in Iran are harvested in these seasons

The date kind and the region it is cultivated impacts its harvest time.

The harvest time of the Kimia date is usually at the end of August.

In this season, the farmers of Bam and those cities where the Kimia date is cultivated harvest the date concerning the present standards.

This date is transferred to refrigerating rooms after being harvested and initially dusted.

The Date Price at Harvest Time

The date price usually changes by its harvest time and the start of a new date-selling season.

You’d better ask for help and purchase dates from credible companies when you want to buy Iranian dates such as the Kimia date.

At the early harvest time, the price fluctuates, and, perhaps, it is difficult to choose a suitable price for it.

Foreign companies and the merchants of other countries face many problems in their transactions and purchases from farmers. For this reason, credible companies are better choices for their purchases.

Are Dates Packed initially?

After being harvested, the dates are transferred to refrigerating rooms by agricultural cartons.

Agricultural cartons are usually ordinary packages.

Having been bought by purchasers, the dates are packed according to their tastes.

Indeed, the final arrangement and packing are carried out at purchase time.


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