Why is Piarom the Most Expensive Date of Iran?

Why is Piarom the Most Expensive Date of Iran


The Piarom date is reckoned as the most expensive date of Iran. There are several reasons for this expensiveness:

Firstly, this date is cultivated in limited regions, and it also enjoys various qualities, even in these limited regions. Hence, the entire harvested dates of these regions are not first-class.

The most desirable Iranian date in the world’s markets is the Mazafati date. Even, Mazafati is cultivated in several areas in Iran; however, Piarom is solely cultivated in Hormozghan province and Hajiabad city.

Piarom cannot grow in the other parts of Iran due to the country’s special climatic conditions.

On the other hand, this date has more customers outside the country, and its external consumption exceeds the domestic one.

Another factor affecting the price of this date is its properties. This date enjoys more properties compared to other existing dates.

The other factor is that this date is for exportation.

Indeed, Piarom is mostly used for exportation, and its exportation volume is insignificant as compared with its domestic consumption.

Any other way, this date has a high price due to its resemblance to the Medjool date. This date is also called the Marian or chocolate date in the world’s markets.


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